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Are you frustrated when it comes to marketing your business or personal brand on Instagram because you’re not seeing results?


Then stick around.

Introducing 1 on 1 Instagram Coaching


If you’re a fiery + motivated girl boss looking to harness the power of Instagram to take your personal brand or business to the next level, you’re in the right spot.


It’s time to reach your highest potential with The Peony Collectives customized Instagram coaching sessions. 

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Meet Your Coach

Hey, my name is Natalie and I’m the founder of The Peony Collective.

I’m a 20-something year old living in Los Angeles, California with my puppy Scottie. 

As a successful blogger, social media manager, content creator and business owner, I know a thing or two about using social media to grow your business, which is why I founded The Peony Collective. 

After creating numerous brand strategies and learning the ins and outs of the “social media for business” world, I decided it was time to share my knowledge with you. 

I can’t wait to coach you through your goals.

Angelica Z

I had been trying to create my Instagram marketing strategy on my own for a while and after a few failed attempts, I decided I needed an experts help. That’s where Natalie came in.

She helped me create the perfect marketing strategy for my business. She walked me through each & every step to be sure I had a clear understanding and she gave me tailored advice that I desperately needed. I really believe my business wouldn’t be where it is without her guidance. Thank you!

Jessica B

Natalie changed the game for me. Her ambition is contagious and she gives sound advice. She helped me re-imagine my brand persona and execute accordingly.

I know what I’m doing after just a few coaching calls. Not to mention she is also so sweet, empathetic, and personable. SO worth it.

Jenny W

Since I’m just starting out in my business It’s easy for me to feel overwhelmed with Instagram marketing, but Natalie took all my stress and fears away after just one phone call.

I really needed helped with boosting my engagement and driving sales. Natalie guided me in a way that helped me learn and succeed at the same time. She helped me re-establish my target audience and figure out where to find them. She’s given me the confidence & skills to rock my Instagram on my own!

1:1 Coaching is for you if…


🤯You feel overwhelmed planning your content. You don’t have a strategy and you spend countless hours trying to write posts, that in the end no one engages with.


💸You are struggling to make sales, attract new followers, find clients, or generate leads.


💭You are unclear on how to engage effectively, so that you’re building a community of followers that is within your niche and is filled with your target audience.


😳You worry about your brand awareness & engagement because of your “small” following, and that constantly feel the need to compete against larger accounts.

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So...How Does This Work?


Our 1:1 coaching sessions are tailored to YOU, babe. Take a sneak peek at how the coaching calls are structured.


Together we will develop an Instagram marketing strategy that will give you the tools and confidence to connect with your ideal audience + grow your brand!

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